My name is Andrew Thomas.  I grew up in semi-rural Pennsylvania.  I graduated from Brandywine Heights Area High School , went to Penn State for a bachelor’s degree in economics, and followed that with an MBA from Kutztown University.  After that, I went into business for myself and, after several years of being in sales, decided that it was not for me.  I did run several seminars and enjoyed seeing clients and/or prospects have the proverbial lightbulb go on, but did not like the pressure I felt when it was time to sign on the dotted line.

A move to the world of education seemed natural to me and, as a matter of fact, a lot of people asked me, “What took you so long?”  After all, basically everyone in my family is, or was, somehow involved in education, so it does seem like it was meant to be.  I went back to Kutztown to go through their certification program and am certified to teach secondary mathematics as well as business.  Within a month of certification, I pursued an opportunity to spend several months as a long-term substitute for an Algebra class at the American School of Doha in Doha, Qatar.

Since my return from the Middle East, I have held a long-term substitute position at a local  school district and a position at a local charter school which both were great experiences and have readied me to move on to the next phase of my teaching career.

This blog was started while I was in Qatar and will continue to grow as I will continue to grow.  The main purpose of the blog will be to basically keep readers informed as to how I am improving myself as a teacher as well as a lifelong student of mathematics.  Sure, there will be links to things like my resume, I’ll go off on tangents every now an again, but I will always somehow try to connect things.  After all, tangents are an integral part of mathematics anyway.  So are integrals!

Feel free to comment, skype, e-mail, tweet, me with any suggestions for improvement, comments, likes, dislikes, or pleas for me to un-publish my site.  Until then, have a great day!

Very sincerely,

Andrew Thomas

PS – The “extraordinaire” in the title of my blog does not hold the usual connotation of “extraordinaire” like very good.  I just meant it literally.  Out of the ordinary.  I try not to do things the “normal” way.  I don’t have a huge ego, I just want to think I make my best effort to do things a bit…differently, I guess.


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