Scavenger Hunt

We did a scavenger hunt the other day to start the week.  Perhaps you’re aware of these ideas, but I figure I’d write about it anyway.

Students were grouped in teams of 3 (the teams were made for the whole week.  Finish last during the scavenger hunt?  No problem! Maybe you’ll fare better in the basketball toss).  Anyway, next time the teams might be smaller because there were naturally students who kind of rode the coat tails of the members who worked well.  Of course, the goal was that they would help each other.  When there are points and a prize involved, the speedy kids speed through and leave the others behind.  Not sure how to avoid that…help?

But yeah, each team got a started card.  There were 2 questions of each “type,” (exponent rules, simplify radicals, etc…) for a total of 8 questions.  Once they worked out the first answer, they were to hunt for the card with the answer.

Show the teacher the answer.  Once confirmed correct, the next question is on the back of the previous answer.  Keep going.  Last card has “congratulations” or something like that on it.

The biggest concern I have for next time is that it was sort of a pain to make 72 problems (8 questions, 9 teams).  It was sort of a pain to re-hide 72 cards at the end of class in the few minutes between classes.  I think it was worth it because it did work well, but for next time maybe I’ll have like 20 questions, but have them in a loop?  Number the problems so each team has a starting point, but make sure the answers do not go in numerical order.  I don’t know, thoughts?  I’m just worried that if a team takes a card, the next team may not be able to ever find their answer because it simply doesn’t exist.

Anyway — thoughts?


About Mr. T

Well, I'm interested in math. Teaching it, learning it, describing it, living it. Creating it. Most importantly (to me) is helping others appreciate it as much as I do.
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