So my factor of today is not nearly as fun as it was yesterday.  Maybe I bit off more than I can chew.  2-2-3-8501?  Hmmmm, I’ll have to think about it



… hours later, I was tempted to call 223-8501 with my local area code, knowing that 223 is the beginning of a cell phone number in the region in which I live.  Decided against it though (but how cool would it be to say “no, I don’t have the wrong number, I just wanted to see who owned today?”).  But I did do some looking, and if you put 2238501 on the end of my 3-digit area code, you get prime number.  Can you figure out where I live?  (nevermind the link to my resume that has my address)


About Mr. T

Well, I'm interested in math. Teaching it, learning it, describing it, living it. Creating it. Most importantly (to me) is helping others appreciate it as much as I do.
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