Was just thinking…

I know it’s been a while.  But as I wind down the school year and think to myself “holy crap, I thought I did so well.  Why aren’t my students remembering anything?” and ultimately try to revolutionize education in the course of one evening before I lose interest and move on to something else, I came up with this idea and thought I’d put it out there for all to see.  So here goes: good, bad, neither, both…

If higher math is ultimately built upon earlier math, why not have students KEEP their math folders/notes/etc from one year to the next?  It would take a huge amount of coordination among teachers within a school, then between buildings if they’re going from middle school to high school, etc…and an even bigger effort of coordination when students move between districts.  But schools often times have summer reading assignments due the first week of school.  Why not have similar things for math?  Even if it’s not an assignment over the summer – make “last year’s notebook check,” the first assignment of the year.  I don’t know…just thinking out loud.  Silently…but publicly.


About Mr. T

Well, I'm interested in math. Teaching it, learning it, describing it, living it. Creating it. Most importantly (to me) is helping others appreciate it as much as I do.
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