So much for resolutions…

Ahh, Elvis’ birthday.  Not a bad day to start blogging for the year, eh?  Cube, Cube?

1/8 = 1cubed/2cubed.   Is cubed-cubed sort of like (cubed)-squared?  And if so, does the Power to a Power rule apply, so it’s really like “to the 6th power?”  Or can I assume that the base is the same, and then cubed/cubed = 0 exponent = 1.  I’ll go with the latter, and say I picked the perfect day to do post number 1.  Let’s forget about the obvious 1/1 (waaaay overdone) and 1/4 (squared-squared)…because for that one I’ll assume the former of my above arguments and say it was “to the 4th power.”

^^^See above.  Put enough weird-ass, yet semi-coherent, logic around it and numbers can say pretty much anything.  That’s right, Harold Camping, I bet you didn’t take the exponents of the dates in mind, did you?  Or what about the fact that there WAS no year “0.”  What about the times when different countries didn’t adopt the Gregorian calendar over the Julian?  Because most of the bible stories happened in the middle east, did you take that into account?  Check your math again, we need some more apocalyptic predictions behind which there stands no solid argument.  Then I can write about you again!  Circle of life my friend.  But wait — you’re pretty old, no?  You should teach someone your silly ways, then we can have Nostradami until the end of time (which was not last May.)


Wow I went on off on a tangent.  But my point was, that you can make numbers say pretty much anything you want, given the right amount of real information and the right amount of creativity on behalf of the writer.  Math?  Creativity?  Indeed.  49% of us are minorities.

49% of us are below average.  Wait, mean/median/mode?  Maybe ALL of us are average?  See, don’t get caught up in semantics.  Picture this:

I have one class whose average is about a 79%.  I have mostly B’s, some C’s, fewer F’s, and about the same amount of A’s.  On the other hand, I have a class whose average is about a 79%.  I have about half the class with A’s, and about half the class failing.   Which class is doing better?

Does it really even matter?  We often get so caught up in how everyone is doing, that we don’t see how every one is doing.  We see a forest of students, not a set of hundreds of individual trees.  I am not really sure why (or how) my train of thought went from Elvis to philosophical jibber jabber, but it did.  In any case, it’s way past my bedtime for 2012.  But I will end on this note – C-sharp.


About Mr. T

Well, I'm interested in math. Teaching it, learning it, describing it, living it. Creating it. Most importantly (to me) is helping others appreciate it as much as I do.
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