Education really is special…

Blah. So I coteach a class with a learning support teacher. She is also certified in math, but her position in the school is as learning support. But anyway — we coteach a class. I just found out (should have known before, probably, but didn’t. Oh well) that it is not legal for regular ed. students to get help from her in her room. Yep. So if I’m not available after school, or before school, or at a convenient time for a student, for help, but she is…unless you’re learning support, sorry. No help for you. Well…unless you’re willing to stand in the hallway with the teacher. No helping you in her designate learning support room. Anywhere else, no problem. Ridiculous.
On a somewhat unrelated note (I say somewhat because the conversation that started with special ed. laws eventually led to it, so there had to be SOME connection…and it would have led to talking about Hitler, had it gone on long enough) I just found out that, surprise surprise, some electric companies are going to start increasing rates to people with out-dated appliances because there are newer, cheaper alternatives. My challenge to you — write a letter and send it with your bill. Something to the effect of: “I realize why you’re charging me more. I agree, my home’s electrical infrastructure is old and could use an update. So I will pay your higher rates. However, because the average age of power transformers nation-wide is 42 years, I feel that your infrastructure is also out-dated. My appliances are ______ years old (I’ll go with 7, cause it makes the math easy), and your appliances are 6 times older than mine. So as your rates increase by 10%, I will see that an discount my payment to you by 60%. Tell you what, I’ll be generous and give you a bonus. I’ll pay half. My appliances may not be the most energy efficient, but pony up and bury yourself some new powerlines in the ground. It’s going to create jobs, because my guess is you don’t have the resources to do it right now. It’s going to be a huge expense now, but next time we get a 5-inch snowfall, you won’t have to work for two weeks and outsource work to crews from across the country to do your work for you. Forty-two years. Just for the transformers. What about the poles? The wires? My appliances may be a little out-dated, but just imagine the progress your industry has made since 1970. Hopefully, or else all my past electric bills have been wasted, too.

Now, I’m sure they’re just going to consider my bill unpaid, and my account not up-to-date. But hopefully someone will read the letter(s). Maybe I’ll make a form letter and send it with every bill I ever get. Nah, my printer would get a workout. And it IS a few years old, so the electric company might call me out on my printer’s inefficiency.

Sounds like some executives probably needed a bit more time in a separate math classroom after school…


Update — the Hitler reference in the middle now has a link.  I was so angry about the whole concept of what I wrote that I ranted and ranted, pressed “publish” and went to sleep.  I forgot to go back and link my Godwin’s law reference.  So, my obscure knowledge of some theory went completely unnoticed…I am trying to make amends.


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Well, I'm interested in math. Teaching it, learning it, describing it, living it. Creating it. Most importantly (to me) is helping others appreciate it as much as I do.
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