I didn’t give them enough credit…

I started each of my algebra classes today with it’s a fan-TAS-tic day today!!  

They bit.  “Why?”

Well, other than the fact you should have nothing on your desks except a pencil for a short little quiz, it’s 9/27.  That’s three-squared, three-cubed!  That doesn’t happen very often.

“Only 3 times per year”

Sweet – one of my students beat me to the question I was going to ask.  They DO think.  Some of them, anyway.  One down, 104 to go…

28th tomorrow – let’s see if they’re ready for perfect numbers.  


About Mr. T

Well, I'm interested in math. Teaching it, learning it, describing it, living it. Creating it. Most importantly (to me) is helping others appreciate it as much as I do.
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