International Pi Day!

I missed pi day!  Of course I did, it’s 3/14.  March was MONTHS ago.

Just two days ago, if you follow the dating standards of the rest of the world (dating?  half my age plus 7?) it was 22/7 – a good estimation of pi!  Word.  Two pi days per year?  Two pi.  2 pi per year…on old calendars a year has 360 days.  2 pi (radians) per year?  360 degrees!  A day is a degree, and there are 2 pi per year.  Coincidence, but maybe I can make some doomsday prophecy based on arbitrary number-crunching and assignments of meaning.  Eh, I’ll stick to teaching.

Side note: happy birthday to my old neighbor and one of my best friends since childhood.

About Mr. T

Well, I'm interested in math. Teaching it, learning it, describing it, living it. Creating it. Most importantly (to me) is helping others appreciate it as much as I do.
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