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Alright, well this won’t have much to do specifically with math, but if you think about it, there’s always a connection with math.

So an insurance company called several times today because a customer of ours (yes, customer.  I will refrain from “client” or “patient” because let’s face it – retail pharmacy is a business as much, if not more, than a health care provider [so is education?]) has some prescriptions from the past couple of months that evidently should have been billed to workman’s compensation.  They weren’t.  I will not take the blame for this – we should have been told “bill this to workman’s comp” or something just as obvious.  Well anyway, they weren’t, and the customer called their insurance company to see what was up.  The insurance company told the customer it was our fault and we were billing it incorrectly.  After the insurance company representative verified with me that we did bill it correctly (and consequently had no answer to the question I posed: If we billed it incorrectly, how did some of the claims get paid and some not?) our phone call ended with the rep saying they’d be in touch with the patient.  Half an hour or so later?  Phone call from patient.  No sir, I did not get anything resolved.  The rep said they need something from the doctor.  Maybe you should call them.  Half hour or so later?  Doctor calls saying everything is taken care of.  5 minutes later?  Customer call back – is everything good to go?  No.  I’ll call the insurance again.  Rep at insurance company, after I explained “hi, I’m Andrew calling about a rejected claim for _____________.”:  Laughter.  I just spoke with him 5 minutes ago.  They can’t be filled yet.  Put them on hold.  At a call center?  The rep I get KNOWS what I’m talking about just by the patient name?  Impressive.  In any case, I may not have mentioned this, but these were prescriptions.  That were filled and picked up a MONTH ago.  That were supposed to be on workman’s comp (read: at no charge to the customer).

First silly question – If there was a problem in the middle of June, would you wait until the middle of July to start figuring out an answer?

Second – If you KNOW the script is a workman’s comp script, why didn’t you start to complain when we asked for money?  Even though it was only 8 dollars, that’s still not nothing.

I know I work at a company whose name is a acronym, but I’m pretty sure it’s not ESP.

Now for the math link.  Nothing profound.  $8 > $0.


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Well, I'm interested in math. Teaching it, learning it, describing it, living it. Creating it. Most importantly (to me) is helping others appreciate it as much as I do.
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